Ella Company is born for the need to create more female characters within the theater. Whether it's a contemporary text theater or a clown one, women are a big part of their shows. The theater is for Ella a tool for individual and collective transformation and an instrument of empathy towards the world and the people who live in it.


Laura Giberga, graduated in Technical Meisner and at the Musical Theater Memory, is who founds the company. He studied mimes and clowns with clowns from Cirque du Soleil (Virginia Imaz and Alex Navarro) and others such as Leo Bassi, Jesús Jara and Cristian Atanasiu. She’s been at meetings and training at Circ Cric. He works with international companies such as David Berga Company and lnsolits. He works for two years in China with disciplines such as neutral mask, mime, clown and Chinese percussion. On his return, he founded the Company Ella where he wrote and directed "Umbilical", residing at the Ivanow and at the Tantarantana in Barcelona, and created the itinerant street show "Pelleringues". Want to know more?